Hayley Medeiros is a Catholic teacher, writer, and artist who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her love of storytelling, art, reading, the saints, and animals was instilled in her by her mother. Writing and illustrating children’s books is both a dream come true and a continuing passion for Hayley. Saint John Bosco and His Big Gray Dog is her first picture book for children. She is currently at work on her next book. Hayley has never met an art form that she did not like, whether it is drawing, painting, pastels, printmaking, collage, sculpture, soap making, beading, or baking. Her sketchbooks are crammed full of drawings, story ideas, remembered dreams, pressed leaves, quotes, and other bits of random fascination—for she never knows where inspiration will strike next! She is humbled by the great privilege of telling stories and sharing her art in an effort to bring children closer to God.

Book by Hayley Medeiros

Saint John Bosco and His Big Gray Dog

by Hayley Medeiros

It is hard to believe that anyone would have ever wanted to hurt good Father John Bosco. He helped so many people. But there were times when his life was in danger. During those times, a very special guardian would appear to protect him. In this way, God saved the holy priest from harm so he could complete his mission and help children come to know God.

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