Ines Leguizamo is mother to three girls, passionate about her family, her Catholic faith and the arts. Ines has a degree in industrial design from St. Xavier Pontifical University in her native Bogota, Colombia. She put her artistic talent to work as a jewelry designer for her parents’ company for several years, before moving to the United States with her husband, Ivan, to whom she has been married twenty years now. They make their home in Arizona.

Ines’ love for art and design are reflected in everything she does, from the way she decorates her daughters’ birthday cakes to the creative techniques she uses to home school her children.

“Illustrating Sherry’s book took me on a unexpected journey I enjoyed immensely. As I went on this quest, I chased my own hand, trying to find the true faces of Archangela and her horse at the end of my paint brush. The chase lasted so long, that I became friends with the girl and her horse, and I began sharing with them my own story. This is how memories of my own childhood and summers spent at the coffee plantation ended up on the paper, though veiled in the scenes of Archangela and Santo in Italy.
Archangela’s ebony and ivory crucifix was my uncle Alonso’s, a Dominican priest. The smoky kitchen was the place where the family got together to prepare bountiful banquets. The animals and the fresh grass and the white dove were from my father’s house. I consider all these tender caresses from God.”

Archangela’s Horse

Sherry Boas & Ines Leguizamo

Sometimes God has the most unpredictable ways of showing us the path we are to travel. Archangela comes to understand God’s will when her beloved and loyal horse refuses to take her where she wants to go, taking her instead on a joyful journey she never could have imagined.

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