Mary Sambo is a grandmother who is committed to pro-life causes that uphold the vocation of motherhood. She discovered her calling through the healing ministries she participated in following an abusive childhood and the choice at the age of 16 to have an abortion. Now solidly on her healing journey, Mary wants to make an impact where she couldn’t before. Using her journalism background as an English teacher and business writer, Mary makes her author’s debut with this pro-life Rosary prayer book. She is donating her proceeds from The Life Rosary to pro-life causes.

Books by Mary Sambo

The Life Rosary

by Mary Sambo

Coming soon: The Life Rosary is perfect for praying in front of abortion clinics, in prayer groups or on your couch at home. What makes it uniquely powerful are the scriptural prayer petitions before each Hail Mary—200 of them—that cry out to God to change hearts. May the pleas lifted to heaven from the pages of this book help put an end to the destruction of the unborn and heal those who have been wounded by abortion.