Since entering the field of fiction in 2011, former newspaper reporter Sherry Boas has released eight novels, including six in the beloved Lily series. Although she won numerous awards in her ten-year career as a journalist for a daily newspaper, it was her vocation as a mother that would best prepare her for an author’s career. For her, truth resounds and inspiration abounds in the struggles and triumphs of every-day family life. In awed wonder, the Boases have watched a number of miracles unfold in their faith-filled and often-zany Arizona home. Sherry and her husband Phil are the grateful adoptive parents of four children, including one with Down syndrome and another who was born fifteen weeks early.

In stolen moments between home schooling, burning dinner and mating mismatched socks, Sherry runs Caritas Press from her home office, which looks more like animal shelter meets Lego factory than it does publishing house. If there are any typos in the final product, blame the mind-numbing racket of the hamster running relentlessly in his wheel or the yipping Chihuahua keeping the howling husky in line. The children, of course, observe perfect silence all day long.