Father Lawrence Carney walks the city streets in his cassock, praying the Rosary and bringing lost souls back to God. After more than a year of walking, he is convinced our nation needs a new order of priests, clerics and brothers, who walk and pray in cities across the United States in an effort to regain what has been lost.

With so many lukewarm and fallen-away Catholics in our world today, and people who have never even given Christinity a second thought, it is easy to become discouraged. But, rooted in the joy of gospel promises, Father Carney proclaims hope.

“It is during these times when faith declines that God gives abundant graces to his apostles … We are upon times in which God will give graces to certain individuals that the church has not seen in centuries.”

I was born November 11th, 1975 to loving and faithful parents Kathie and Larry in Wichita, Kansas. I received all the Sacraments of initiation at St. Joseph Wichita, a Redemptorist parish. I was blessed with a Catholic education by sisters and the presence of some holy priests. That continued at Bishop Carroll High School as the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters of Wichita made a big impact on me. After graduating from the University of Kansas in Accounting and Finance, I worked for Sprint, Commerce Bank and the Trust Company of Kansas. At the age of twenty-five, I was accepted to study for the priesthood by Bishop Olmsted at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary. I was ordained for Wichita on May 26th, 2007. After two years as an associate pastor and four years as a pastor, I asked His Excellency Michael Jackels for permission to discern the religious life. After searching Europe and the Midwestern USA, Divine Providence led me to accept an invitation as chaplain of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. Along with this invitation, I was invited to explore the possibilities of forming a semi-contemplative men’s order and walk the streets of Saint Joseph, Missouri. Currently I reside at St. Patrick’s Parish in St. Joseph, Missouri. I enjoy my chaplaincy with the nuns and also the Rosary Walks here in the city with the blessing of the local Bishop.

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“As our society becomes more secularized and hostile to Jesus and His Church, street evangelization takes on a new missionary relevance. Fr. Carney witnesses to Christ among those who walk our streets and at times make their homes there. May this apostolic witness bear good fruit and inspire the rest of us to be missionary disciples.”

— The Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix

“There can be no doubt that “the old ways,” for a long time despised and rejected, are proving themselves highly effective today, in a postmodern world desperately in need of meaning to overcome nihilism, tradition to overcome rootless autonomy, friendship to overcome isolation, and beauty to overcome suffocating banality.”

— Dr. Peter A. Kwasniewski, founding faculty member at Wyoming Catholic College

A Masterpiece on Contemporary Street Evangelization. Fr. Carney’s adventures on the street are a testament to the work of the Holy Spirit in the world, provided we are faithful and persevere. In this book he details a hundred or so encounters with people from all walks of life. Fr. Carney shows us the hand of divine providence behind the encounters, and yet emphasizes that conversions come about by “playing the long game”. He’s in it for life, and prays that God will send him brother priests to walk with him in a new religious order, The Canons of St. Martin of Tours.

Fr. Carney himself is a delightful soul, and the reader immediately takes to him, wondering at his rare combination of innocence, courage, kindness and dedication to the timeless truths of our ancient faith. He also has a holy boldness in taking people deeper into the supernatural realities of our faith. He trusts in grace, and gently tries to unveil a whole other way of seeing and living that many wounded souls have never considered. He tries to offer them a glimpse (or how ever much they can take) of heavenly realities, and then hopes and prays that they will follow the inspiration to go deeper.

Every Christian will enjoy and profit by this book, but especially those who are called to street evangelization. Fellow street evangelists might learn a few tips, but more importantly, the book functions like a mirror on your own efforts: what are you doing right? where have you stumbled for lack of faith? which virtues shine from you and where is there rust? Read the book and find out!

— street evangelist Scott Woltze

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